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Thank You, Carol! We love it!

Aw!!!!! Somebody Loves Us!

Congratulations! Your Site has been listed People's Choice WebSite500!

To all our visitors, friends, and new found family...

a heartfelt thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement.

As usual this is one of the most enjoyable stops on my surf trips. Someday I may be able to connect my Jesse's and Martin's, and Alex, and Harrison to yours...the quest continues ever so appreciate the fact that you have adopted me...Love you guys and gals...proud of my Gardner Kin...from the not so royal (yet) IPURPAT P?S? Congrats on the award...this site is very deserving... --Pat Herron, (almost Royal Cousin)

I love this site!!!! I don't know how I found it, but I'm glad I did. Thank you! --Robin Mace Barger

Have only made it this far but am looking forward to the rest of your site. Could not stop laughing. Love your out-look on your trip through history. Keep up the good work. --Chris Parker

LOVE YOUR SITE!!!! Some funny stuff here. Sad to say I made no connection to your tree. Would be honored if you would add your link to my links page. And if you have a most wanted, please list them on that page. Theres only one entry and its kind of lonely. Keep up the good work!!! --Carol Clute

On behalf of the vast, teeming sprawl at the Confusion And Chaos Administration, hello, and kudos! We hereby bow to the east, three times. Wonderful site! --World Wide Wizard,

Great Site. Enjoyed your sense of humor. I think that is a trait of the Garners. It Made my Day! Thanks for sharing info on GARNERS. I'm one, too, but don't know that we are related. My ancestors are coming out of Franklin County, TN. Keep up the good work. Happy Hunting. Cindy B. --Cindy Garner Brooks

Terrific website - feel sure we're not related however the Stroud/Gloucestershire, England branch of the Gardners show remarkably similar traits!! - Do you think it's something about the name Gardner? - Gf Percival Gilbert Gardner no less born 1895 Stroud, England. --Beryl Birchall

Love your webpage! I'm the ggrnddtr of Mary Ellen Gardner of Elmo, Ar. and looking for any links! Hope I'm a cousin. Karen --Karen Russell Decker

VERY nice! I love your opening remarks and design! Very creative. Thanks! --Cherre,

Loved the site! I am a Gardner but haven't been able to find my ancestors. My Gardners are from Indiana, Thomas Gardner & Mary Parker. Help would be appreciated. --Mary Lou Kulp

You have a wonderful site. Very clever to have designed and put this together. Good luck with all your endeavors in life. --From a BRAWLEY descendant, Carolyn Coughlin

Hi, really thought your webpage was terrific, and cute. I must say I was disappointed to not find out about your Amos and Caster connection to compare notes. Any way AAA for originality and continuity.-- Donna Amos

Nice site. I loved the music! --Dr. David Gardner,

Just visited your site during my frustrating search for MY Gardner line. Though I have no connection to your Gardners, (unfortunatly, because you sound like a fun bunch) I did really enjoy the site. Keep up the good work. and congrats on knowing so much about your Gardners. (i can't connect mine to any info outthere). Bye. from another real Gardner. --Kathy (Gardner) Blanchard

--Brenda Thornton DeArth

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