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Descendants of William Garner

Husband: William Garner, born in about 1743 in North Carolina. Not much is known about the family except they once had in their possession a deed to some land in Marseilles, France made out to a Guardineur (we often find the name spelled Garner). The date on the deed of sale from William to Thomas is 29 August 1797.

Children of William Garner and Unknown:

  1. William Gardner Jr.
    • Birth: Abt 1775, Cleveland Co NC
    • Married: Polly Butner, Rutherford Co NC
  2. Thomas Gardner
    • Birth: Abt 1772, Cleveland County NC
    • Death: Abt 1820, Cleveland County NC
  3. Jeremiah Gardner
    • Birth: Abt 1784, NC

For additional information on the family of Jeremiah Gardner,contact us HERE!

Gardner Credo

Irish, Scots, Germans and those darned Indians who wouldn't go where the army told them to–all inform of a particular attitude about freedom. Being tied to family and land spirits is okay; getting tied up so as not to be able to move freely–up, down or sideways is a big negative that fosters a desire to include all in being empowered. To be free seems to be super important. A fierce and negative opposition to those who say, "I have rights and you don't!" seems to motivate a lot of our attitudes.

Our women run things, our men will take on those misusing power–Heck, women too. We will try to respect everyone but have no patience with those who hurt or misuse the powerless. We love and respect the earth and ancestors, although we can laugh at and with them. We appreciate the gifts of sun, rain, the plants, the animals and the spirits and the dreams they send us.

We love a good story, and we do improve it. We know who we are, for the most part–and find nothing to apologize for. WE DO NOT SUFFER FOOLS GLADLY. I do wonder though, what we did before the invention of reading and writing. Or were our ancestors the first ones to scratch marks on the cave wall and teach their children what they mean? Somehow, it wouldn't surprise me.

--Linde Knighton, Aug 2011


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The links below represent information that is updated on a continual basis. We'd like to say "updated on a regular basis" but we can't.  Well, we could, but we'd be lying. We don't always find the stuff we want when we want it, but rather, when our obstinate ancestors decide it's time for us to find it!   In retaliation, we don't always upload it as soon as we are allowed to find it in order to demonstrate to them that WE --not they-- are in control of this process!

It's a delusion, of course, but one that brings us peace of mind (or is that piece of mind?) Whatever...check back regularly, --make that continually-- for new information).




This requires some explanation. Fortunately, we have that explanation in the form of email correspondence dated 29 June, 2000 from M. Masten (Her Royal Highness aka HRH) to Greg Lovelace (subsequently dubbed The Prince of Whales or POW)...

It was very difficult to figure the exact relationship without all of the names before me, but I get this: Hudson Hamrick --you are a third cousin three times removed (3c3r) from his kids; I am a 2nd cousin. You are 3c3r from Ed Hamrick's kids; I am 2nd cousin. You are 3c3r from Julia Hamrick's kids; I am a 2nd cousin. You are a 3c3r from the children of C.P. Gardner through his wife. I am 3c2r through C.P. We share the same cousins; that's good enough for me.

Clear as mud, huh? But trust us; he's a Gardner. He's also a major contributor to the LoveLess/Lace genealogy site listed above. So, please visit! (and tell him we sent you so he'll put us in the will).




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