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Rufus  Rufus

The DUFUS Brothers

Pictured from left to right: RUFUS W. Gardner and Rufus W. Gardner cleverly posed as his brother, Pinkney McDuffy, aka DUFFY Gardner, which genea-non-logically translates into (drum roll please...) DUFUS! Clever, huh?

[Please note: This ploy for providing non-existent ancestral photographs is only effective with same sex siblings.]

Hear ye'! Hear ye'! Hear ye'!

Whereas we know not from whence this family originates and whereas we know not that it really matters, we issue the following proclamation:

The Gardner Family of Cleveland County NC shall henceforth and forever [or at least until further notice] belong to the KINGDOM OF MUTTS, a royal and sovereign entity established to defend, protect and categorize those ancestors who had neither the decency or foresight to document their time on earth and/or their royal connections but for whom we nonetheless hold a boundless and unconditional affection.

Be it further proclaimed that the presiding governing bodies of this aformentioned KINGDOM OF MUTTS --all four of them-- are card-carrying members of MUTTS ANONYMOUS, a newly-formed, non-profit, perfectly useless, self-help organization established on the premise that all men are created unequal with appropriate documentation and no line is considered unadulterated without said authentication thereof, therein, thereon and therewith.

Therefore, let it also be known that the self-appointed Regents of this Kingdom, Mutt Queen, Mari-lynn, and Mutt Princess-in-Waiting, MaryEllen invite one and all to survey their sometimes- not-so-royal tree, and hopefully discover a common fork, limb, twig, or leaf. From its ever blossoming branches hangs the stuff of which we're made, -- some of it sweet; some poignant, some bitter. Some funny, outrageous or downright sad. Be assured nonetheless, that this wooded wonder is a strong tree with hardy, flowing branches, a deep, ecologically-sound root system and, yes… the occasional gnarled limb which does not come with a money-back guarantee.

Want photos? We got 'em! Want documents? Got them too! Surnames? We're loaded. Human interest? You've come to the right place! Truthful stories? Look elsewhere. The Gardners are known for their verbosity not their veracity! If you're not sure you're a Gardner, check us out anyway. Gardner philosophy is rooted in Genesis 9, 7: "…Be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein." And if you still find yourself hanging from another tree altogether, take heart. A Gardner Wannabe is the next best thing to being one!

NOTE: The information contained at The Garner/Gardner Family Tree© (1998) is for personal use only. Ergo, duplication of any information contained herein for commercial purposes should undoubtedly elicit from the Queen an immediate "Off with your head!"


SEMI-IMPORTANT NOTICE: Over the next few weeks, months, years, we're going to be updating email addresses on the Gardner site. With over a 100 pages of fun-filled fact and fantasy to check out, this is going to take awhile. If you click on an email address anywhere on the site and find that it is not working, please notify me immediately. I'll do my best to locate and send you the corrected addy. Thanks for your help! Enjoy your adventure in Mutt Land!

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ENTER THE KINGDOM your own risk, of course!



The Garner/Gardner Family Tree now contains over 98 fun-filled pages of invaluable data, --some fact, some fantasy, and a liberal dose of sheer speculation.  (We're probably in greater need of this tool than you since we can't find most of the stuff half the time and half of the stuff most of the time!) But it should make your job easier too. So enjoy...courtesy of FreeFind!

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