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  1. Elizabeth Gardner was born in 1820 and died in 1926 at 106!!!

  2. David Gardner is spoken of by "Mother"(?) as an officer in the military or mustering service. He wore a fine uniform and rode a fine hore.

  3. Emma Gardner (Garner) was born 17 July 1863.

  4. The old Gardner house, which was destroyed just a few years ago, was described as a very large, gine home, with a good barn..."

  5. From the notes of Cleve Gardner we are told that "Thomas Gardner and his wife purchased at auction a Negro woman brought from Virginia, probably about 1800. This woman had a child named Flora." When Thomas died, Flora was willed to Ollie and on Ollie's death, to their daughter Elizabeth. Now here's where the plot thickens... When Rufus Gardner became engaged to Sarah Elam, Elizabeth became enraged. We're not sure why because she's not here to tell us. But we suspect that having raised Rufus, she considered him HER child. As such, it is believed she intended to leave Rufus all her property/worldy belongings, etc. which included (a) the family farm that adjoined Colonel Grigg's plantation and, (b) Flora! Her displeasure with her nephew, however, prompted Elizabeth to make a few minor changes in her will. All of her land was left instead to her ex-slaves and their families. And it's Flora's descendants that now live in neat little brick homes throughout much of the area.

  6. October 1819: Martin Garner charged with bastardy on the body of ______appealed and gave bond to indemnify the county in the sum of 250 pounds with William Garner and paid his fine of $5.00