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Descendants of Martin A. Gardner (con't)


Please bear with us! We're entering data the old fashioned way.

Husband: Robert Furman Gardner

  • Birth: 25 Feb 1896, Spartanburg SC
  • Married:14 Mary 1921, Effie Shehan
  • Death: 14 Dec 1970, Rock Hill SC
  • Buried:
  • Parents: Father -Edward Gardner; Mother-Mary Fowler

Children of Robert Furman and Effie Shehan Gardner:

  1. Edward Frank Gardner
  2. Richard Fred Gardner
  3. Marvn Eugene Gardner

Husband: Floy Fair Gardner

  • Birth: 28 Apr 1899, Cherokee Co SC
  • Married: Coy Ruppe
  • Death: Oct 1980, Cherokee Co SC

Children of Floy and Coy Gardner:

  1. Cornelia Ruppe
  2. Jack Ruppe
  3. Lois Jean Ruppe
  4. Phyliss Ruppe

Husband: Henry Ernest Gardner

  • Birth: Dec 1900, Cherokee Co SC
  • Married: Alma Ruppe
  • Death: 1962, Columbia SC

Children of Henry and Alma Ruppe Gardner:

  1. Jason Gardner
  2. Mardena Gardner

Husband: Henry Laurence Edward Gardner

  • Birth: 10 Mar 1904, Cherokee Co SC
  • Married: Lydia Blackwell
  • Death: 1979, Welford SC

Children of Laurence and Lydia Blackwell Gardner:

  1. Edward Gardner
  2. Max Gardner

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